Do you like to walk barefoot? How about flip-flop

The trend is clear, everybody wants flip-flop

Probably half of the world’s population uses the flip-flop. With you don’t have to look too long for some pairs, get them right here for a good price and choose from all over the world.
how about flip flop

Is it dangerous to wear flip-flop? 

No matter what anyone says, where I live everybody wears flip-flop and I see no foot deformations of any kind, except, from other kinds of shoes.
When I walk through the jungle I don’t wear flip-flop.
When I climb a mountain I don’t wear flip-flops.
When I work with machines I don’t wear flip-flops.
Some human sense is not bad in every part of life, even when choosing the right shoes.

“flip flop and fly”, like the old boys said a long time ago

I wanna make this site a bit of fun, I hope you are with me.


The first known flip-flops were worn in the ancient Egypt of 4000 BC

first flip flop
first flip-flop

They were made of palm tree leaves. In Japan and India, they used wood and rice straw. And the Masai in Africa made them out of rawhide.
Nowadays we use leather, rubber or strong fabrics but mainly different kinds of plastic.
The name flip-flop became a trademark brand by flip*flop GmbH in Germany in the sixties. They still produce today.
Nowadays almost every main shoe brand produces flip-flops. You can get brands from almost every country. From Gucci to Addidas, from Bata to Walmarket, everyone sells flip-flops. I am sure for every human being exists at least one pair of flip-flops, that means about 7 billion. If I can only sell half of them on my website I am fine lol.


On this website, I try to find as many suppliers as possible.

You can choose from style, brand, price or quality. I write reviews and publish other peoples reviews.


flip-flop with material strings
flip-flop with material strings
Flip-flop with rubber strings
Flip-flop with rubber strings


When I buy flip-flops, I try to only get ones with material straps. They are much less affecting my toes and even most of the times hold longer. The rubber straps, especially with new flip-flops are quite hard and can rub on your toes until you have a blister. When you use the ones with a nylon fabric, this should not happen.
Also, the ones with the rubber strap, are likely to lose a strap sooner than the others. It’s a matter of how they are attached to the sole. The rubber strap is originally only pushed through a hole and blocked with a knot. when the flip-flops get older the soles get softer and worn out and the strap can slip out through the hole.
The ones with material straps, are glued in between the different sheets of the sole and are less likely to slip out.


Footbed yes or no?

I prefer flip-flops with a bit hard sole. Just now I wear a cheap pair with a very soft, light foam sole. Because I wear them every day they got worn out already after a couple of months and start to look quite funny. I walked in my own footbed but this is not particularly very good.
I suggest choosing at least a sole that has some weight. It is stronger and keeps its form. Little stones and spikes are also attacking me from the floor through the sole.
A footbed I recommend for children’s flip-flop and for people with problematic feet. Flip-flops with a structured sole upside, for a foot massage, can be quite comfortable too. I like those, the walking is very different.


High heel flip-flops?

This might not be for me to decide but I don’t like them. I am against high heel shoes of all styles anyway.
What women and some men have to suffer, just to keep that picture of beauty upright. I totally feel sorry for people that have to wear high heels and when I look at their feet I think, at the end of the day, they would be happy too if this invention would have never occurred.



I read this article about injuries and health issues. I think you should know, although I think it is a little overrated.
Flip-flops do serve as a mild protection against pollution coming from floors and where ever you walk. Hot sand, spikes, and stings from insects or glass can be safely walked over. In wet zones as toilets, sauna or showers they can protect you from warts and fungi.
But the unstable and open characteristic is to be responsible for many feet and lower leg injuries. They say in 2010 only in the UK, had been 200,000 injuries. Caused by flip-flops, treated by the National Health Service, leaving a bill of around $50 million.
Long distance walks are tiresome wearing flip-flops. Aching feet and ankles, legs are the result of walking far distances with shoes without proper support.
Podiatrists do not categorically condemn flip-flops but recommend a bit stronger model with thick cushioned soles. The better strap should be rather tight to the ankle for not having to use your toes for not losing the sandal.
I think this is good information and we should think about which shoe we wear for what purpose. So once again, some common sense and you will be able to enjoy the liberated lifestyle of wearing flip-flops.

Nice feet in nice flip-flop
Nice feet in nice flip-flop


Last but not least

To look at a clean, nice looking foot is a joy to me. Uncut toenails or nasty feet I think do not belong inside a flip-flop. Try to take care of your feet and respect others how and where you present them.


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25 thoughts on “How About Flip-Flop

    • Stefan Vogt Reply

      Hi Keisha, welcome to the site 🙂

      Flip-flops are a great thing, here in Thailand all year long 🙂

      I’m just at redoing the whole website a little, I hope you find no problems using it 🙂

  1. Bob Savar Reply

    Hi Stefan,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this site about flip flops. I wear them myself quite often and will definitely come back to the site when I’m ready to purchase new ones.

  2. Benita Felini Reply

    Flip Flops are the best choice. It should be summer all year long, to have more time to wear them :))

    There is a wonderful company who take old flip-flops and create sculptures from them.. I forgot the name. It’s an African artist. Ah! Oceansole is the name – check him out!

    • Stefan Vogt Reply

      Hi Benita, thanks for your comment.

      I love flip-flops and wear them every day. Maybe that’s the reason I came to live in Thailand lol.

      I will check out Oceansole, a good idea to recycle old flip-flops and make art from them 🙂

      Have a great time, see you, Stefan 🙂

    • Stefan Vogt Reply

      Hi Vicki, nice to meet you.

      Great that you like my site. Have a look, there are models for every taste and need.

      All the best, see you, Stefan 🙂

  3. Chani Reply

    Flip flops are so comfortable, I even wear them on the farm to do everyday chores and bonus they come in beautiful colors!! Thanks for the awesome article Stefan 🙂

    • Stefan Vogt Reply

      Hey Chani, thanks for visiting my site.

      I hope you enjoyed your read and found some helpful information. I have many updated articles on best flip-flops you might want to read.

      I wish you a great time, see you, Stefan

  4. Lennae Reply

    I enjoyed this article! Thanks for adding some humor, it made for a fun read! I absolutely agree that material straps are the way to go! I love flip flops, so I will continue to follow your blog!

    • Stefan Vogt Reply

      Hi Lennae, nice to meet you. I’m glad you enjoy the site, please feel free to check some of the super offers presented on different articles.
      You can use the search bar and quickly move to your favorite brand.
      Have a great time, see you, Stefan 🙂

  5. riley Reply

    Love your Flip-Flop Site~ I have been wanting to search for Havianas, but keep forgetting about it, Now, I know where to find them, I wish you much success~

    • Stefan Vogt Reply

      Hi Riley, thanks for visiting. If you need any detailed information feel free to ask here or send an email.
      Have a great day, Stefan 🙂

  6. Ronnie Reply

    You got the right idea, my friend. If I can’t find what I want here then I am looking with my eyes closed. I like the variety.

    • Stefan Vogt Reply

      Hi Ronnie, I am glad if I can help you. Today there are so many great flip-flops available, it is necessary to have a place where they are all shown so you can choose the exact right pair. This is an interesting article you might like.
      Have a great time, see you, Stefan 🙂

    • Stefan Vogt Reply

      Thanks for visiting, Justin. It’s good to make a joke sometimes. I’m glad you like the site and hope you check some products.
      I wish you all the best for the holidays and the new year.
      See you Stefan 🙂

  7. Marlinda Davis Reply

    I have to admit that even though I’m over 6ft I like a heel and flat flip-flops if I ever find either in my size, lol! I love all the colors and styles that they come in too. Never considered that they don’t provide much protection against pollutants though but I guess I don’t really worry about that either. I’ve had to have surgery on my foot to get a toothpick out from wearing flip flops and I’m still an avid fan of them, LOL!
    tfs 🙂

  8. Andrei Reply

    Great website, Stefan! I am glad to hear that you already made your first commission in such a short time! I am sure that your business will generate a great income in a year from now and I am looking forward to it! Great information, I never knew that the first flip-flops were worn so early in time and that GmbH were the first that came with the brand name! You learn something new every day!

    • Stefan Vogt Reply

      Hi Andrei
      I already thought that flip-flops were worn since a very long time. In hot climates for me, it is the only right foot wear to use. I guess my first hero that wore flip-flops was Jesus and his mates:)
      Flip-flops its the way of the walk.

  9. Max Reply

    You must be from somewhere like Florida I would guess. It is not convenient for most of us Living in New York to wear flip flops on a daily basis and our summers is short. With that said we can all use a pair of flip flops to walk around the house like you mentioned to serve as a protection against pollution coming from floors and wherever we walk.

    • Stefan Vogt Reply

      Hi Max, no I am from somewhere out of the US, I live in Thailand and there to wear flip-flops is the same like in New York to wear Nikis or some other full shelled foot wear. I understand that in places like New York the only advantage to wear flip-flops is, that they might not get stolen that fast:). I wish you could get a share of the life which I live. Have a break, holiday, meet me in Thailand. I will have some flip-flops ready for you.

  10. Irma Reply

    I do like coming to this website! I want to buy-buy-buy every color and style of flip flops! I have been wearing flip flops since I was a child, and now that they come in all these fabulous colors, I can choose my footwear based on my moods!
    I could not wear them for several years after a foot injury, because they did not offer enough support, but now that I am healed I can flip flop all summer long!

    And I want that pair in the photo at the top of the article, the different colors and zig-zaggy pattern…are they available anywhere?? Same question for the pair in the last photo, with the girl with the red toenails. I can never find those kind, and I would like to get a couple of pairs of them.

    • Stefan Vogt Reply

      Hi Irma, thanks for your comment. The two flip-flops you wish to have are not from a catalog. I will research and try to find them for you. The one on top looks like a cafepress design to me. Actually, it is not, it is a clip art of a flip-flop. The most likely flip-flop I found so far is this. The one in the bottom looks more like a custom made by a small brand. They were sold by but are not available anymore. These are quite similar looking but made of leather. Thanks for the interest and see you.

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