Hy guys, my name is Stefan Vogt and I was born in Basel Switzerland

About Stefan flip-flop-hit.com
About Stefan@flip-flop-hit.com

I live in Chon Daen, Phetchabun, Thailand with my wife and daughter.

I was born in 1963 and my real life started when I found my first flip-flops about 20 years ago.

Today I wear flip-flops every day and can say I had a lot of them. By the way, my wife and daughter wear flip-flops too lol. I had plastic, leather, foam or rubber flip-flops, black, red, green, and blue flip-flops hard soles and soft soles, expensive and cheap flip-flops.

I work as the administrator of my websites, flip-flop-hit.com and exploringrealthailand.com and on my small Dragonflyfarm Resort in Thailand.

Feel welcome to share my experience with flip-flops and buy some for yourself. I will have best deals for you ready.

The E-Mail address for this website is: flipflophit66@gmail.com

Ps. By producing this website I don’t earn any money at all. I get a small commission of selling transactions happening on this website. These commissions do not influence the price you pay.

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