Amazon Com Official Site vs Affiliate Sites

Amazon Com Official Site vs Affiliate Sites

Thousands of websites are selling Amazon products on the internet. Many of you might think to buy there leaves you with worse deals than buying directly from Amazon. This is a myth, the products you buy here on my flip-flop site, for example, are exactly the same price as if you buy on Amazon.

What the difference makes is, you help me and many others producing websites that you might like and that are not only selling things but also helping the internet community with finding solutions to problems or find answers to questions.


let’s look at Amazon com official site first

Amazon Logo

Here you have one of the biggest if not the biggest online market giant selling things from food to electronics to clothes and so on. They also do not buy their stock before you order it. They do actually exactly the same as me, they wait for orders and then connect the producer or seller with the buyer.

The Amazon shop has a huge choice of products that are quite easy to find. They offer customers reviews, maybe censor them a bit but still, you find opinions of all kinds. The sellers provide information about the product they want to sell and pictures and quality certificates.

I personally think Amazon is a great platform to go shopping, sitting at home and check out all the new stuff they have to offer. Sometimes, at least first, but still now, I have trouble finding the right articles I am looking for.

The parameters one has to fill in are not always easy to find out and a search for a certain product can take a while.

The Prices on Amazon are almost unbeatable, except for some sale events at local stores. Many products are only sold on Amazon, did you know that? Some producers have specialized today to have their products only let out by Amazon. They can save on opening a real shop, employees and transport cost.

All in all, I want to continue selling my flip-flops chosen within the Amazon assortment. Not exclusively but for a good part.


Affiliate website shops

Now here you find an endless choice of websites, for every topic, that provides a lot of interesting information and sells products. For example, my site of course, 🙂 you are looking for Nike flip-flops. You go and Google it. First, you probably always find the results offered by Amazon.

Flip-flop-hit Logo

This is because Amazon is the most attractive website for Google and Google wants to push more attractive and search orientated posts. My post is there but not on the first side. For me, it is very hard to compete with sites like Amazon and eBay.

What is the advantage of finding sites like mine though? We inform more in detail about the subject you are interested in. For example, on my website, you find information about the dangers of wearing flip-flops, you can learn a bit about the history of flip-flops or you find blogs and posts less directly flip-flop orientated like this one but still useful, entertaining and interesting.

Its a bit like when you go shopping, there you also enjoy the excitement of seeing people, have conversations, not only about the Nike flip-flops you want to buy.

We, the so-called “niche website” producers are trying to make the internet entertaining and maybe even a bit educating. We provide insightful content, we first research and then put into our own words, mixed with our experiences and all this you won’t find on an Amazon page.

Me, for example, have another website, the “Thailand” website. On that site, I write 90% of all posts without the intent of selling things. I want my readers to learn about the country, its people and the beautiful sites that can be enjoyed here.

For sure I got my little travel accessory store there too, that sells Amazon products, but the main reason I created that website is that there is no other website writing only about Thailand.

The same fits to this site, my site is the only one in the net selling and talking only about flip-flops. Now you can see the difference I think. On websites like mine, you get targeted information on the things you are looking for.


Price policy

Here it is very clear, without any exceptions, you will always land on the original Amazon website and pay the same price for the same article at the same time. Only me, as a seller, I can get a small discount when I buy on my own website 🙂 I can safe the percentage Amazon puts on my account for every sale I make.

Serious, If you buy something on my page, let’s say a pair of flip-flops for $50.00, I will get about $4.00 credited to my Amazon account circa 5-8%. The one paying this $4.00 bucks is Amazon, not you. OK, in the end, it is you who pays, but you would pay $50.00 anyway just this way I get a small share, for the work I did writing these articles and helping to promote the flip-flops.

You can see now, almost all of us here on the internet, are more or less unpaid contributors to the great world of the internet. We work as a freelancer and hope someday someone is buying something from our site.


I hope you were able to understand a bit more about the online business world and hopefully appreciate the smaller websites as for what they are and do.

If you liked or disliked this blog, please leave a message at the bottom of the page, I will gladly reply within a short time.


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2 thoughts on “Amazon Com Official Site vs Affiliate Sites

  1. Luke Reply

    The internet continues to provide so many ways for regular people to have a great life. (Even by hosting a blog about flip-flops!) Thanks Stefan; Amazon is an awesome avenue to support your work here. Keep it up!

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Thanks Luke for stopping by.
      I find it very interesting too. I have to read so many websites professionally every day and it has brought quite some interesting news to me which I would have never heard outside of the internet.
      Yes, writing a blog about flip-flops is not that easy but we can always combine it with other topics and look at them from different angles.
      Have a great day Luke, see you

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