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You asked me, are Birkenstocks good for your feet?  I say yes.

Birkenstock was the first shoe company to think about a healthy footbed. The company which was founded in late 1774 in Germany had their first health product, an insole for custom made shoes, as early as 1896. Ater that the Birkenstocks continued to develop better footbeds for shoes for people with foot problems.

Around 1964 the Birkenstock sandal as we know it today was developed by Karl Birkenstock. The health secret of the sandals is the special concept footbed made out of several layers. The under sole is made to absorb shocks from walking. The inner footbed is made of cork with arch support and material that can adapt to your foot form but still supports a healthy footbed.


New Birkenstock Women'sThong Gizeh Sandal Briko-Flor FlipFlop
New Birkenstock Women’sThong Gizeh Sandal Briko-Flor FlipFlop

Todays Birkenstocks look quite cool and are made of great quality. These leather flip-flops guarantee overall comfort and the safe and healthy walking experience.

A shock absorbing under sole that also provides strong traction on any underground. The second layer is made of a harder natural cork which supports your feet with a form adapting structure.

In between, there are the arch support and other footbed features, also made of renewable cork.

On top, you walk on a soft leather layer that also adapts to the form of your feet. Last but not least there is this unique adjustable leather strap. With this nicely shaped comfortable strap, you will never have the problem of having a loose or too tight sandal on your feet.


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Because they are quite expensive I would suggest you check for good Birkie deals on eBay.

Birkenstock Arizona EVA Unisex Shoes Slides Sandals
Birkenstock Arizona EVA Unisex Shoes Slides Sandals

You will find a large and interesting range of offers by very many different sellers. Take your time and find exactly the perfect shoe for you.

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Birkenstocks are ugly and last in the row of being fashionable.

I don’t know, I never had Birkenstocks my self. What I think is the worst about them is the name 🙂 Birkenstock, when I hear this brand name I think of old and nerdy people. (I know this is a bad prejudgement sorry)

This, of course, is totally out of date. Today these sandals had their time of being hip and trendy, even some kind of revolutionary image was their attribute. Natur and health oriented people all over the world spend quite a bit of money on these flip-flops.


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