Best Men’s Havaianas Flip-Flops

Best Men’s Havaianas Flip-Flops

For you to find the best Havaianas flip-flops for men I found these offers. I sorted them by newest arrivals for you so you find the latest hits and most advanced quality flip-flops Havaianas delivers today.

We talk about flip-flops in all colors and designs and a price range from $4.10 up to $60.00. The most famous Havaianas are the most sold flip-flops in the world and this not only because of the Brazilians, where they are made, wear flip-flops every day but also because they are made in a quality that everybody likes.

Newest Released Havaianas Flip-Flops
Latest Released Havaianas Flip-Flops


What does a flip-flop have to be like?

For me, a good flip-flop has first to be comfortable. These Havaianas you see here all have a 100% rubber foam sole. They are soft to walk in but still don’t lose their form after wearing over time.

Second I want my flip-flop to look special. This is a request that is answered by many different designs and colors Havaianas are produced in. Upper soles and straps come in all kinds of color mixes, and new designs of all sorts are found every year. Even the sole itself sometimes is made of several colored layers.

Third I look at the strap, this is where the most pain from walking can occur. The straps of the Havaianas are all made of real rubber which is softer than plastic and therefore does not distract while walking.

Last, the sole should not be too light but not too heavy as well. It should have a nice grip on the foot and should not get too hot when laying in the sun. All of these criteria are taken care of by the Havaianas flip-flops.


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Havaianas are very basic flip-flops

As you heard in the short video, these flip-flops are actually just a piece of flat rubber and two straps. This is the secret of Havaianas success though. No fancy here and there, a solid quality footwear that doesn’t overheat in the sun and lets you walk comfortably for days, weeks and years.

The only big difference between all the models is the design you see printed on them. The rice patterned high-quality rubber sole is the same for every Havaianas flip-flop.

These techniques and knowledge of making flip-flops go back a long time, even longer than I live. I think to remember to have worn flip-flops as a kid with the exact same pattern on the strap like they are produced today. 1962, that’s a long time ago and so many companies have gone down since then but not Havaianas because they stick to their successful product.

Men's Havaianas New Flop-Flops
Men’s Havaianas New Flop-Flops

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55 years of experience, many billions of pairs sold already, active in more than 106 countries. Havaianas is the expert when it comes to Flip-flops. For girls, boys, men, and women, from white to black in every color, they got it, from cheap to not expensive is the motto of Brazils Hip-Flip-Flop Brand.



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