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  • Best for your feet
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  • 100% plastic
  •  Not exactly beautiful 

Everybody loves the Crocs. Bestseller Crocs are on my List

It is announced as one of the top 6 worst things in 2007 and got under the top ten of the worst things that can happen to men in the same year. What is it about the Crocs that almost everyone has one or more pairs?

When they were first on the market in 2006 the Crocs started an amazing kick start. They tripled their sells within the first year. People went crazy, every earth citizen new about Crocs after only a few years.



Crocs a healthy alternative for your feet.

Not only are they convenient to wear but they are also much better for your feet than lots of other footwear. The Crocs health sandals with their built-in footbed were quickly approved as a “diabetic” footwear by several podiatric associations throughout the US.

Today I see Crocs in all kinds of businesses as working footwear, like kitchen hospital schools and so on. They even approved the material of the sole to achieve the antistatic standards to be allowed to be used in the medical sector.

The point that makes these sandals safer than the ordinary flip-flop is, that the foot is covered. While working in the garden or walking through a forest your feet are protected but you still have the feeling of a barefoot walking experience.

In the colder regions of the world, the Crocs are a favorite for so many people because you can even wear a warm woolen sock inside them.


Crocs 2018

Today, the Crocs brand and its products have changed a little. All kinds of models and styles can be bought in over 500 stores worldwide.

Ladies Crocs Sexi flip toe post flat black sandals
Ladies Crocs Sexi flip toe post flat black sandals

Flip-flops, sandals, and slippers in all colors and shapes belong to the huge collection of footwear made by Crocs today.

Their main common component is still the soft but strong foam-like plastic which the shoes are made of.

On eBay, you will find a large variety of offers, all Crocs. To find your favorite Crocs might take some time but when you find it you can start buying for a truly good deal.

eBay offers direct sales or bidding auctions. For the best direct sale, you just have to compare all the offers you like. Be aware there could be fakes. Also, check the seller’s information and buyers feedback.


Do you feel like shopping now?

Welcome to the thrilling world of eBay shopping. Take your time and find a steal!!!!

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When you like to join a bidding campaign you best follow these rules.

  1. Set a maximum amount of money you want to bet on a particular item.
  2. When you found your item, for a good price, just put it on your watch list.
  3. Do not start betting until the last seconds. Never bet several days before the end of the betting time!!!
  4. About one hour before the countdown ends check in on the item. If it still is available for less than you want to spend things can get exciting now.
  5. Now, during the last five minutes, you want to be online and follow the betting.
  6. 30 Seconds before the end you can place your maximum bid. Do not confirm the bid jet.
  7. Heart pumping, sweat streaming, wait until the last two seconds. Two seconds before the end you confirm your bid. Huh, now you can hope your connection was fast enough but you can be sure no one could have seen your bet and overbid it in the last moment.

I hope you have a lot of fun buying great things for a low price on eBay and hope to hear from your experience some day.


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