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  • Huge sortiment
  • Lowest price posibilities
  • Easy navigation


  • Low level responsability towards users
  • Outsourcend Customer Service

Hi there again on my review post, eBay Flip-Flops Women

After reading loads of reviews, I came to the conclusion:

  • Buyers are better served than sellers.  
  • Try to buy only from top credible sellers.  
  • Be aware, there are sellers trying to sell fake products, do some research before you buy.
  • Know, you will need some time to find, choose and purchase an item.
  • Check shipping, delivery, returns and guarantee details. 
  • If you get an unsatisfying product, react quickly.
  • I would only choose to “buy it now” option.
  • In the case of flip-flops, I would only buy new products.
  • If you want to bid on sandals, get the important instructions here.


Mystery boxes from eBay can be fun but don’t expect too much. Not the same with trustworthy flip-flop sellers with a good reputation.

For this site, it is some how different to promote and sell flip-flops. The ads change over time, that makes it difficult or even impossible to advertise for a specific product. What I will do, is to give leads to certain product groups, where the content of the link will be adjusted by eBay them selfs.

What I will do, is to give leads to certain product groups, where the content of the link will be adjusted by eBay them selfs. Todays offers will not necessarily appear on the following days. Do fix your orders or maybe you are too late.

Enjoy shopping at eBays now

Havaianas women flip-flops

The Havaianas for the lady that likes to look good. The Brazilian vibes brought into a flip-flop that makes you dance and sing.

Havaianas deals of the day

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Tory Burch the preppy-bohemian luxe lifestyle flip-flops

High-class flip-flops for the successful lady with style. Beautiful leather hand crafted flip-flops for the walk on the red carpet.

Tory Burch
Tory Burch good deals on expensive flip-flops

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The healthiest flip-flop available since 100 years

Do you like nature and want to protect your body? The long time favorite Birkenstock for the ladies with a love for them selfs and their body and nature.

Birkenstock assortment offers of today


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Public opinion to give you some confidence

Many reviews of eBay say the same thing. If you buy carefully you can find great deals and sometimes even a steal.

The most seen shoe at the moment

THE CROCS, for garden and work in almost every job. Healthy footwear made of plastic. For everyone that likes to walk barefooted but doesn’t like the plastic thing between the toes.

Buy Crocs now for best conditions
Buy Crocs now for best conditions

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Chocs, the number one outdoor sports sandal

Check out this amazing shoes with great arch support and adjustable one piece strap

Chaco at the price of today
Chaco at the price of today

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Some customers are not happy at all

I cannot let this stand without comment. (Learn more about eBay)

There are so many customers that give five stars to eBay. Ok, some are disappointed in their customer’s service. but with a number of users in the 100 million all over the world and a turn over of several billion Dollars, they can not be cheating everyone.

For sure with a size like this, some things get out of hand and problems do occur. But I would say, eBay belongs to some of the most successful businesses these days in the e commerce market and relies on its good reputation like all others.

See more of flip-flop-hit.com









Was this of any help to you?

Me at home

If you have any questions or something else you would like me to know, please feel free and comment at the bottom of this page. Thank you!!!


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2 thoughts on “eBay Flip-Flops Women

  1. Steven Oliver Reply

    Hey Stefan
    There is some very good information within this article and it has definitely helped me. Would you say that it is best to always stick to sellers that have the full five stars?

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi Steve, great question. To stick only to five-star sellers would be a bit difficult. I see no sellers with five stars in every aspect. But to check where you buy and what others say can give a better picture and help make less bad experiences.
      Thanks for the comment
      see you Stefan

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