Nike Benassi Slides Solarsoft NBA Men’s

Let me happily introduce the brand new NIKE BENASSI NBA slides

Good news my friends, finally the new Nike Benassi Slides have come on the Market by Amazon. Only since three weeks, these amazing flip-flops can be bought at Amazon and finally since today here too.

First just have a look at these sneaky slides. They come in three colors, “team red/university gold”, “tough red/white-black” and “university red/white-black”. Each of these color types has its own print as well. So no two colors look the same.

Let’s have a look.

Let’s hear some applause !!!!!

Aren’t these some beauties, all three of them, I can already see myself rocking down my hood, fresh cut dreds, nice white shirt, no socks, just some nice brown feet sticking up these hot comfy slides. Titty pierced and cafe stuffed with two sweet darlings on each side of me 🙂

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I can hear the funk beat running through my veins like crystal clear spring water from the Swiss Alps lol. No, for real, these Solarsoft stylish slides make me wanna sing.

Sing an old song like this one:

This is one of my favorites and I think dancing to this one is gonna be all right with flip-flops on my feet.


The Truth

I wanna be honest here, these Nikis are so new, there is not much told about them so far. I found many reviews from older models and all I can hear and read is that people love them.

They for sure are not the cheap pair of slippers you buy every day but hey, its Nike and it’s a Solarsoft. That means, no more drugs to feel like walking on the moon 🙂

I copied a review here for you, so you can see yourself what was said of one of the older Nike Benassi Slides. I believe this person too, they look like good quality and we all know, Nike is not famous for selling rubbish.

Nike Benassi Solarsoft Review
Nike Benassi Solarsoft Review

I say they are soft on walking, light in weight, good in floor traction, seamless construction for comfort and quality and look like a Pro. I must tell you again, when you walk in these you shine like a Studebaker. You rule the streets and on the beach, you have to take a stainless steel safe with you so no one steals them.


What have I found here…

There are more, they as well just came out, brand new and more colors. Joy is surrounding me, all these beautiful flip-flops, and right now before the winter holidays to the south.

Same quality, same great Nike Style.

I have to leave you now, check them out for yourself and if you want, you can tell me what you think of them.

Nike Benassi Slides Solarsoft NBA Men’s Winners Stuff




Check out the whole Nike assortment I have so far. Nike the sports brand and streetwear hippie funk slides, flip-flops and much more. A brand you can rely on if it comes to quality and style. For ladies, mens and kids….

If you have a body you are NIKE, NIKE is movement and Music and Fun


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6 thoughts on “Nike Benassi Slides Solarsoft NBA Men’s

  1. Garen Reply

    Hey Stefan,

    Wow, cool sandals. I’m not really a basketball fan, but my nephew is and Christmas is right around the corner. I am thinking about getting a pair for him. His favorite team is the Golden State Warriors. Do you know if they have that team?

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi Garen, Thanks for dropping by.
      I am not American and know very little about basketball myself. I’m sorry, I didn’t find any Golden State Warriors slides.
      They have some Shirts though, your nephew might like. Click here.
      I wish you a nice holiday and all the best for the new year.
      Stefan 🙂

  2. Anthony Hu Reply

    Hi, Nike is always my favorite choice and most of my shoes were purchase from Nike. But I don’t have Nike Flip-Flop, I am going to by this one. I like “team red/university gold”. Do three different colors have the same price? When I see the Flip-Flop pictures you list, I can sense it is soft and very comfort. Thanks for the nice review!

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi Anthony, you can be sure these Solarsoft are comfortable and flexible on your feet. For the price you have to check on Amazon, they vary from size and color and the timing when you buy them. That is why I can not refer to a price. At the moment the red ones are cheaper than the blue ones.
      Thanks for dropping in and have a great day. Stefan

  3. Vince Reply

    They look comfy Stefan. Being Nike you know you going to get quality. I think I’m going to get pair of the Amarillo Blue.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi Vince, you’re gonna be the star in the neighborhood lol. I can fully support the brand for quality, comfort, and style.
      I love the Amarillo Blue.
      Have a great time and hopefully see you, Stefan

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