Nike Celso Girl Flip-Flops

Nike Girls Little Celso (TD) Toddler Sandal

Nike Girls Little Celso (TD) Toddler Sandal

Price-Performance Ratio





  • Save walking
  • Comfortable fit
  • Sweet color


  • Small size
  • Some problems with toe strap

Nike Celso Girl Flip-Flops

A beautiful Girl Toddler Sandal. This pretty and very comfortable flip-flops for your girl are loved by many kids all over the world. They come only in this nice pink and white in various combinations.

Nike thought out this helpful strap around the ankle so the girls can safely play and have an easy time to take the shoe off when it’s time to go to bed.

Nike for Todlers



Your little girl will love them

The Nike Girls Little Celso (TD) Toddler Sandal. A heel strap provides perfect hold and the pylon, rubber under sole take care of traction and durability. The EVA midsole helps more to the comfortable walking and playing experience. Sweet color combination perfect for every girl.


Nike Girls Little Celso (TD) Toddler Sandal

Nike Girls Little Celso (TD) Toddler Sandal

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All the Nike products are well known for their quality and comfort. The brand is highly quoted all over the world and to wear a Nike means a lot to many people. Nike provides flip-flops, sandals and all other footwear in a sportive style.

Hundreds of different models and designs, colors are to be chosen from. For Women and Girls, Men and Boys, Nike has a great choice for every taste.


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