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  • Suerb Quality
  • Sportive Style
  • Comfort oriented


  • High Starting Price
  • Not many Ladie Styles

Hi there, and welcome to my review of Nike Flip-Flops by Amazon

Nike is a favorite footwear brand all over and selling Nikes is a must. Check out here some of the sandal models available on Amazon at the moment. I chose something for everyone, so take a look below to see what styles might make you or a loved one happy.


First I want to present a very comfortable flip-flop to you

This flip-flop simply looks fantastic. It looks so comfortable that I think walking in these must be like walking on a leather sofa. From what I heard, people love them. No sweaty feet no sliding.

Some say they wear out a bit quick, but still, they can be used much longer than a cheap flip-flop. Others say, the size is a number too small, but now you know and look out to buy a size up.

Overall, they get a great rating and are loved by most owners.

Nikes comfort thongs flip-flop

It is said to be a lady’s flip-flop but I would wear it too. The price of only $26 is something I find not too high for the quality and comfort and great look you get.

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A little bit more pricey, this great sportive looking, Thong,

Nike Women's Flex Motion Thong

Nike Women’s Flex Motion Thong

I think this flip-flop looks exactly like an athletic flip-flop should look like. It comes in a sporty color and provides a speedy sole. The strings look comfy and $30.00 is not that much for a quality Nike product.

I wondered if they hold a long time, checked it out and found out that they can be worn over many years. (Customers words)

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A perfect looking flip-flop for men

Nike Men's Celso Thong Plus Sandal

Nike Men’s Celso Thong Plus Sandal

You can tell these Nikes were designed for the athletic male. Well built, they come in a discrete color and really nice to walk with. Unfortunately, they are $60.00 but for a real quality product, this is reasonable and totally comparable with other brands. Remember you get what you pay for 🙂

People seem to like them, and I think they are my next Sunday flip-flops.

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Small review nike


The cheapest one I found is for Toddlers

Nike for Todlers

Nike for Toddlers flip-flops for $16

Nike is a bit on the higher price side but in fact, it is not really expensive. If you compare the value you get to other brands I think it is very reasonable. If you buy a $1 flip-flop you know they won’t last long and quality, comfort is not provided at all.

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Here’s a short video, that shows how you can fix your beloved Nike flip-flops in an emergency


Find more interesting Nike Flip-Flops

I think it is always worth checking my self. There is such a great choice of great looking Nike flip-flops. Different styles and a wide price range let you find exactly what you are looking for. Quality and comfort is a guarantee when you buy a Nike and to wear a trendy brand is guaranteed as well 🙂

  • Nike flip-flops Men

NIKE Men's Solarsoft Comfort Slide Sandal

All Men Nike Flip-Flop

Cheapest Men Nike Flip-Flop

Cheapest Men Nike Flip-Flop

Newest Men Nike Flip Flop

Newest Men Nike Flip Flop






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  • Nike flip-flops Women

All Women Nike Flip-Flop

All Women Nike Flip-Flop

Cheapest Women Nike Flip-Flop

Cheapest Women Nike Flip-Flop

Newest Women Nike Flip-Flop

Newest Women Nike Flip-Flop






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  • All for the Kids

Kids Nike Flip-Flop

Nike Flip-Flop for Toddler Boys

Nike for Toddler Girls

Nike Flip-Flop for Toddler Girls

Nike Flip-Flopse for all Toddlers

Nike Flip-Flops for all Toddlers






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Please also visit the ultimate Nike All Flip-Flop Page here at Amazon 

Nike all Flip Flops

Nike all Flip Flops


Here I collected a few customers reviews of Nike products I would like to share with you

Nikes thong review


Nike costomars reviews


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Stefan Vogt

Stefan Vogt is a Swiss bloke, married to a Thai wife, with a daughter and several dogs and cats. I love to live in the nature of central Thailand and try to make a living with this and that. Flip-flops are something I use every day and due to the fact that there is only little published about this topic, I want to research companies, products and everything else around flip-flops.


  1. I live in flip flops. Always been a fan of Adidas fit foams but looking for other options, since i no longer like their options. Comfort thong looks like a winner for me.

    • Hi there, Savita. You found the right website now if you love flip-flops.
      Please take your time and choose a pair that really matches you. There are much more flip-flops available than one normally thinks.
      Have a great day 🙂 Stefan

  2. Wow you sure have a ton of choices when it comes to flip flops.
    Nothing beats these guys for sunny days. My favorites are the ones with the soft foam soles for that extra cushion.

    • Hi Mack, smart choice. I like these too. At least for the beach, I love foam soles that also don’t go under when lost in the water.
      For the daily walk in the streets, I prefer a harder sole with a good footbed.
      Thanks for stopping by and have a great day:) Stefan

  3. Hi Stefan,
    I just wore through my last pair, so you’ve given me some great options here to check out! My last pair matched my style but totally lacked in comfort and support. One thing I will miss, however, is the bottle opener on the bottom. I know Nike is an athletic company, but I’ve got to be able to relax with some beers after a game of beach volleyball! Help me out, Nike!
    Haha I’m liking the Celsos. Thanks!

    • Hi Jason, you’re a funny guy. Bottle opener in the sole of your flip-flop, I heard of that lol. I think though it doesn’t help much to the comfort situation lol. I would rather use a lighter for the bottles though and a soft flexible sole with footbed on my feet :).
      I hope you can find the right model here on my site. There are loads of great styles from many brands. I personally prefer the Havaianas but I shouldn’t write this here lol.
      See you and have a great time, Stefan

    • Great, Jody, Now you know what to do, make a lady happy and present a shiny nice pair of Nikis to her for Christmas 🙂
      Have a great rest of the year, Stefan

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