Rainbow Flip-Flops by Amazon

Rainbow Sandals


Price-Performance Ratio









  • High Quality oriented
  • Natural Materials
  • High health Comfort standard


  • High Starting Price
  • Not many styles

Rainbow Flip-Flops by Amazon, your page to learn more about “Rainbow Sandals” flip-flops.

First, watch Sparky Longley introduce his product and talk a bit how it came to Rainbow Sandals.


The Rainbow Sandals are not your cheap shoe flip-flops.

Rainbow Sandals 301ALTS Womens
Rainbow Sandals 301ALTS Women’s


When you get yourself a pair of Rainbows, you get yourself a piece of quality.

Leather, Rubber sole, premier Leather, Double Layer with arch support and Rainbow Guarantee.

They are not ten Dollar flip-flops but you can expect them to last and satisfy your desire for comfort and quality.


Most Rainbow Sandals flip-flop go for around $50 up, you will see its worth it.


These flip-flops are not made to look fancy

Rainbow Sandals Women's Premier Leather Single Layer Narrow
Rainbow Sandals Women’s Premier Leather Single Layer Narrow

These are made to hold, make you walk comfortably and walk on quality materials.

Maybe you should not wear them at the beach, at least not the leather ones. Others also say they need a few days of break-in time.

I like these natural colors and products.

Don’t let these stay outside your door, they might walk away lol.



The classic men’s flip-flop by Rainbow Sandals has a top score of five stars

Rainbow Sandals Men's Double Layer Arch Sandals
Rainbow Sandals Men’s Double Layer Arch Sandals


A small variety of colors

Rainbow Womens Premium Leather Double Layer
Rainbow Women’s Premium Leather Double Layer

At least for women, there is a small variety of colors available.

Overall, the design priorities are rather conservative. Material and walking comfort and safety are the main attributes of the Rainbow Sandals flip-flop. Not so much flip but for sure not a flop.




Rainbow Guarantee
Rainbow Guarantee


Get an insight of all Rainbows Sandals flip-flops

  •  Rainbow flip-flops men
Rainbow Men's Premier Double Layer Leather Sandals
Rainbow Men’s Premier Double Layer Leather Sandals

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  • Rainbow flip-flops for Women 
Rainbow Sandals Women's Twisted Sister Sandals
Rainbow Sandals Women’s Twisted Sister Sandals

See all Rainbow flip-flops for women


Some more tips for the use of Rainbow Sandals Flip-Flop


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One thought on “Rainbow Flip-Flops by Amazon

  1. Irma Reply

    Hi Stefan!!
    I just watched the video for the Rainbow sandals and I think that if I can find a color that I like, I will order some because Sparky is such a great guy! He comes across as so nice, and he is very giving and I would be happy to buy stuff from a person like that!
    Thank you for posting this!

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