Sanuk Men’s Fault Line Blades Flip-Flop

Sanuk Men's Fault Line Blades Flip-Flop


Price-Performance Ratio





  • Very comfortable
  • Very solide quality
  • Arch support


  • A bit small sized

Sanuk Men’s Fault Line Blades Flip-Flop

I want to tell you the truth, this is my top favorite flip-flop. The yoga mat footbed is so comfortable it is a real pleasure to walk in these shoes. I also love the wide material straps which don’t irritate the upper foot and give a tight hold on.

The real rubber under sole let me walk safely without slippering on all surfaces. If there were more designs available this Sanuk flip-flop would really perfect to me. 

Sanuk Men's Fault Line Blades Flip-Flop
Sanuk Men’s Fault Line Blades Flip-Flop



Walk comfortably with a yoga mat footbed flip-flop, providing arch support.

The Sanuk Men’s Fault Line Blades Flip-Flop gives you the great feeling of walking in good quality flip-flops. 

The great idea of using a quality yoga mat as the foundation for the inner sole of a flip-flop is just amazing. And to provide a comfortable arch support is, for a flip-flop of higher standards a must. Now walking in and outdoors with these optimized sandals is a real treat. 

Feel like walking barefoot on a totally soft comfy carpet. Sanuk life “enjoy”!!!

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Sanuk, the brand flip-flop of real joy. Take a look at the great and innovative collection of flip-flops with the world famous yoga mat sole.

The happy brand provides a great and wide range of sandals for every Woman, Man, and Child. Colors, styles, and designs of all kinds prove the love and dedication Sanuk developers put into their product. To make you a happy customer is the number one goal for this unique company.

When I talk about flip-flops I first think of Sanuk. If you like to walk like on a yoga mattress, Sanuk is the choice I would advise to check out.

Reviews, Sanuk Men’s Fault Line Blades Flip-Flop

Most people just love these flip-flops once they tried them.

Some say they run a bit small. If you have a rather big volume foot, better get e number higher as normal. they have a tight hold but if your foot is a bit large it might be too tight.

All in all, they got a 4.5 out of 5 by buyers and are mentioned for the great quality product.

Reviews, Sanuk Men's Fault Line Blades Flip-Flop

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