Teva Deckers Flip-Flops for Men

Teva Deckers


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  • Great Comfort
  • Good Quality
  • Not Expensive


  • A bit small sized
  • Longer break in time

Hello and welcome again. Let me tell you what I found out about the Teva Deckers Flip-Flops for Men

Teva Men's Deckers Flip-Flop
Teva Men’s Deckers Flip-Flop

When I choose a new flip-flop, I usually buy one that is not very expensive. Now I found this really nice Teva for just a little money.

What I want of a flip-flop is, that it is comfy, not too heavy and gives some arch support. Ok, this model needs some time to break in but once that is done they are very comfortable and last a fairly long time.

The Teva Decker comes up with all the criteria I need to be convinced. The rubber made sole is quite strong built and has a nice structured upper sole where I don’t slip around. Because my feet are not that big I like the rather tight straps which give me a good hold on to the flip-flop.

If you have a wider foot I suggest to chose one size up than the usual shoe size.

The Nylon strap is nice and wide and I never get any blisters. It is also fixed properly and I haven’t heard of complaints of losing the straps. But please be aware the flip-flop is built a bit tight for bigger feet. This flip-flop is a bit heavier than maybe a Teva Mush but still not really heavy, it is just made of a bit better and longer lasting material.


I like the multi-colored EVA mid sole

I think it looks neat and this one even matches my favorite football club:). The under sole is also perforated with a not slippery profile, which lets me walk safe and easy without worrying on almost every underground.

The EVA dense foam midsole is very often used for sports shoes because of its shock absorbing and flexible characteristics. It is also very durable and less poisoning when discharged.

Last but not least I want to mention the mid high arch support. A good flip-flop, in my opinion, has to be built with some sort of arch support. This support guarantees a comfortable and pain less walking experience for long distances.

A good flip-flop, in my opinion, has to be built with some sort of arch support. This support guarantees a comfortable and pain less walking experience for long distances. All these super cheap flip-flops that have no arch support at all cost almost the same as these Teva Deckers. I strongly suggest spending a few dollars more and not miss out on this feature.

This all said I hope you also like the low-cost quality flip-flop of the huge Teva selection and check a pair for your self now. If you ask me, here you will find a nice bargain. Enjoy your barefoot walking weather and have a great time.


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I read a lot of customer reviews.

There are a ton of happy customers. Some, of course, have some complaints to mention. All in all these flip-flops get an 80% positive rating at Amazon. I give them a slightly higher rate but that is my own opinion.

The negative aspects that are pointed out are, the small size and some say the gluing is not that well done.

The size problem I think is to be solved by buying a size up. Especially when you know your foot is a bit on the bigger side or your wrist is rather high. This model seems to be built a bit tight strapped, so if you need a big space to get your foot comfortably in other shoes please try a size up.

The gluing problem I think a bit depends on how you use the flip-flops and the chemistry that gets in touch with them. Please tell me what experiences you made then I can advise others what to look out for.



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The Teva Shoe manufacturing company was founded in 1982 by one man called Mark Thatcher. He is a geophysicist and rafting coach and had a goal to invent a shoe, sandal for himself that can be used in the water and on dry land without problems and also give a nice walking comfort. The name Teva comes from the Hebrew language and means nature, which of course is the great passion of Mr. Thatcher.


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Was this of any help to you?

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If you have any questions or something else you would like me to know, please feel free and comment at the bottom of this page. Thank you!!!


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7 thoughts on “Teva Deckers Flip-Flops for Men

  1. Gary Reply

    Good tip on buying a size up for those with wider feet. That’s the kinda of detail you don’t always get with reviews, but it is very important. I certainly wouldn’t pay a lot for flip flops so it’s good to know that these are cheap and good quality. This is a great review, but I have one question. What does it mean when you say they are “less poisoning when discharged”?

  2. Lucas1337 Reply

    Hey man this looks like a pretty cool flip flop. My old one broke and I’m currently in search of one. This fits my price range perfectly. The only worry I have with flip flops ( from past experience ) is that the strap will somehow snap off or something. Is this what you mean about the gluing complaints?

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi Lucas
      No, the glueing problems sometimes occur between the under and middle sole. When you get a new pair I advise to check them well and wear them a little at home so they don’t get dirty. If the gluing is no good you can get them replaced.
      Thanks for your interest and have a great time.

  3. Ockert Reply

    Thanks for the review. Good mention about buying a size up for those with a wider foot. My previous experience with Teva was that they were a bit narrow. Does that seem to be the case in general for Teva?

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Good morning dear friend
      Yes, same as you a lot of people find the Teva flip-flops a bit on the narrow side. There are several Teva models which are described as a bit small sized. I suggest to always read the reviews on the Amazon page about the particular flip-flop before you buy a shoe you don’t already know.
      If you want me to check a certain model for you, please ask and I will research all the data you want to know.
      Thanks for your interest and have a great day.

  4. Norman Richards Reply

    Hello, awesome post and a great break down of these flip flops. These foot wear seams to be and excellent choice as it provides so much need comfort for ones feet.

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi Norman, nice to hear from you again.
      You are right, the Deckers Teva is a good choice of flip-flop if you want to spend a small amount of money. For sure there are some other sandals with even better characteristics but most of them are quite higher in price. I would say, with this model you get a great quality footwear for the lowest price on the market.
      Thanks for the visit and I hope to see you again.

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