Teva Women Mush Flip-Flops

Teva Mush Flip-Flops


Price-Performance Ratio









  • Great Comfort
  • Good Quality
  • ECO Friendly


  • A bit small sized
  • Squeak too much:)

Teva Women Mush Flip-Flops, the best arch support for the price

When we talk about arch support, we talk about a healthy foot supporting footbed. The Teva Mush provides exactly this. It is not the best arch support of all flip-flops or sandals but it is sufficient to not suffer pain after walking for a long time.

Teva Women's W Mush Ii Sandal
Teva Women’s W Mush Ii Sandal

When you look at this flip-flop, you can see the gray plastic stripe in the center of the sole. This is the specially added arch support that keeps your foot from stretching out and flattening during the walking movement.

The topper sole is still the soft comfy mush which adapts to your foot and guarantees a great walking experience.

The under sole is made of the more eco-friendly EVA,  Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. This is a very resistant and shock absorbing dense foam material. It is very much suited for shoe soles and therefore used by very many shoe brands and models.

I call it more eco-friendly because it is still a synthetic material but does not need to use any chlorine to be produced. It can easily be recycled or when thrown away, does leave a lot less of the dangerous toxins while degrading.



The Teva Mush comes in many nice colors and belongs to the top sold flip-flops.

People that bought these Tevas said, they are very comfortable, look pretty and give a good arch support. They also said the size could be a little bit bigger and there was a complaint that they would squeak too much:)

All in all, they get a 4.5/5 rating at Amazon customers review, which is actually quite high.


Find a nice pair for yourself or a good friend

At the Amazon super store, you always find a lot of really good deals on all Teva or other flip-flops. Check all shipping and return details carefully and don’t get disappointed if things don’t go the way you thought.

Buy now

Too bad they are not sold in half sizes. think about the size you need before order. To order and return can be a bit of a hassle that I wish you can do without. They come a bit small as I already mentioned.


Did I forget to mention? Why only one Teva, get two:)


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Teva Logo

The Teva Shoe manufacturing company was founded in 1982 by one man called Mark Thatcher. He is a geophysicist and rafting coach and had a goal to invent a shoe, sandal for himself that can be used in the water and on dry land without problems and also give a nice walking comfort. The name Teva comes from the Hebrew language and means nature, which of course is the great passion of Mr. Thatcher.

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