The Best Flip-Flops Men, 5 Things To Check Before Buying

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Welcome to my Flip-Flop checklist. Today I want to go into, what you should think about and check before you decide which flip-flop you want to buy. Here I concentrate on men’s flip-flops although most of the important criteria are the same for male and female.

The Best Flip-Flops Men: What We Care About

  • robust, long life, product quality
  • comfort, convenient, good walking quality
  • prestige, brand, material
  • style, design, color
  • price

These are the criteria, I think, a man thinks about when buying a new pair of flip-flops. They may come in a different order but all of these characteristics are to be taken into consideration. Nowadays there are many flip-flops presenting satisfying results within these demands.

most durable flip-flop
Chaco Flip EcoTread. Most durable flip-flop

Robust, Long Life, Product Quality

These are the features that for me are the most important. I hate it when the strap falls off, when the sole starts to separate or when the footbed starts to get walked in too much.

I like my flip-flop to be constructed for many years to use without having to fix them. With the naked eye, it is not easy to see whether a flip-flop matches these demands but I researched which flip-flops have the best durability ranks of all flip-flops on the market today.

Number one and all over convincing is the Chaco Flip EcoTread. This may not be the prettiest sandal you have ever seen but when it comes to long life and quality the Chaco EcoTread should be considered number one. Like all durable flip-flops, this one too has to get worn in first.

Due to a stiffer sole, stronger material, and traps, woven more densely, the Chacos and other quality durable flip-flops are a bit uncomfortable at first. This doesn’t last for long though and when you think you will be able to use them for years to come I think it’s worth buying them a bit before you go for a long walk and walk them in at home.

Flip-flops tested for durability have gone through stress tests by many normal users and self-announced testers. They went through every condition possible for flip-flops. Walking on sand, gravel, offroad and downtown for months but often years.

They were used in the water for riverbed hiking or beach strolling or in rafts, kayaks and on boats. They were used to climb mountains and do trekking, hiking for many hours and days. Some say they have literally been abused in extreme situations but still they would not break.

Teva Men's Pajaro Flip-Flop
Teva Men’s Pajaro Flip-Flop


Two other top flip-flops with best durability attributes are the OluKai Ohana, and the Teva Pajaro.

Of course, it doesn’t make much sense buying a long-life durable flip-flop which is not comfortable and doesn’t match our taste. I personally also want a flip-flop with a good footbed, especially when I think of one that I am going to wear for years to come.

Most comfortable flip-flop
Most comfortable flip-flop, OluKai Ohana.


Comfort, Convenient, Good Walking Quality

When you buy a flip-flop you want to be sure you have a comfortable sandal with good arch support and ground grip. You want to have a flip-flop you love to walk in wherever you go.

There is nothing worse than to go for a walk or hike and after a short time, you find your feet or legs start to hurt. This should not happen if you choose a flip-flop with a well-built arch support, footbed. It should be walked in right, prior to a longer trip and of course, and it should be comfy and the right size for your foot.

The best reviews and rankings in respect of comfort offer the OluKai Ohana. They are featuring all desired qualities as, soft footbed, greatly designed arch support, comfortable strap and optimal grip as well to the floor as to the foot.

The upper sole has to be soft, the under sole a bit stiff, the strap between the toes made of fabrics and the straps over your foot soft and not corrosive. I walk long distances with my flip-flops and therefore it is very important that my footwear is comfy to walk in.

A leather or patterned upper sole is more comfortable than a flat one. It also gives better support and grip to the shoe to the foot. You don’t want to think about slippering or sliding out of your flip-flop when walking and climbing on rocks or running after balls or kids.

Still, I always have some plasters in my bag when going for long strolls. It does sometimes occur that I get rubbing blisters on top of my foot, especially when I wear new flip-flops I haven’t used for long distance walks.

OluKai With Style
OluKai With Style

Second for comfort but all in all a great flip-flop I can recommend the real leather OluKai Hiapo. There’s probably no better looking, comfortable and number one quality flip-flop on the market.

Another sandal I can recommend here is the Sanuk Fault Line Blade. This flip-flop is comfortable from the first day you buy it, it is not as expensive, still has arch support and is a favorite for many customers around the world. It might not last you as long as the OluKai but still comes in very good quality.

When it comes to comfort, there are many flip-flops on the market today, make sure they have arch support and fabric straps, for me personally these are the main specifications I demand. The price of different sandals vary a lot but there are comfortable ones for every budget I think.

Except for the 1 Dollar, no brand flops you find in your wholesale market.

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Original Havaianas Since 1962Prestige, Brand, Material

Prestige and Brand are very personal criteria. Some people only wear Nike, others prefer Havaianas. I don’t talk about Nike, Addidas here because they sell basically slides or when flip-flops, they are like the Havaianas without real arch support. For sure all of them have a high prestige and tagging value. Nike and Addidas for sports and Havaianas for lifestyle.

Some very good quality sandals are not ranked high in the prestige category as they rather sell for health criteria. Of course, it is connected with prestige when you wear a real Crocs or a real Birkenstock and not just a cheap copy. Millions of people wear these brands and that is not just by accident but because they know what they want and where they get it. These are also preferred sandals for hospital staff and people working in health care in general.

Rainbow is a great brand for flip-flops, they have specialized in flip-flop footwear. They have a huge following and sure represent prestige. I can recommend Rainbows due to quality work, well-chosen materials and much attention to foot and walking quality.

Sanuk logoSanuk, another well-known flip-flop brand. Sanuk is famous for its yoga-mat soles, not as much for a healthy walk but more for style and comfort. You have a famous and hip flip-flop if you buy a Sanuk. They are perfect for at the beach or at home. I would not recommend them for hiking or long strolls in the city.

Teva, another brand coming with great quality and brand awareness. They stand for good walking flip-flops with great production quality and sporty looks. It’s not the brand when you look for very fancy flip-flops but when you want an outdoor sports sandal. They are highly recommended by many flip-flop fans.

Reef and OluKai are two more highly prestige flip-flops. As you can see, about every brand flip-flop has its customers, some like the sportive type, some the more classy easy-going style, and again others prefer a high-quality product made of leather or decorated with nice looking logos.

I think all of these successful and worldwide known brands represent prestige, quality and high standards in one way or the other. It is for you to choose which brand you want to walk with. Flip-flop fans and connoisseurs all have their own favorites, so do I. So far I haven’t tried all of them, so I think I will check a new model from Sanuk next. Sanuk sounds great, it means “enjoy” in the Thai language and to enjoy is what I want.


Style, Design, Color

Skulls Pattern Casual Men Women Unisex Flip FlopsAgain a matter of taste. We can say, that there are some differences in brands and their style and design. Generally, the hiking style brands are less colorful but more down to earth with colors from black to brown, grey, and without too many fancy designs.
Brands more for the general use can be colorful and hip in design. Fashion flip-flop brands concentrate on design, colors, and shape rather than a healthy footbed or the duration value.

The most fashionable sandals are probably the Havaianas. They come in all colors and designs. These are flip-flops for the beach, around the house. They are all made of real quality rubber and don’t care too much for comfort or long life durability.

They’re also not qualified for healthy long distant walks but for the fun on the beach with friends and family, the Havaianas is a suitable flip-flop that looks good and comes for an inexpensive price.

The Sanuk flip-flops come with a light and easy style, great design and in many colors. These are flip-flops bringing many qualities under one roof. Produced in high quality, great designs and regarding walking comfort. The company is very innovative in creating new styles and using unorthodox materials.

If you want to have a look at some less known brand flip-flops with all kinds of style, design, and color you best check out this. Here I put together a collection of not often seen flip-flops sold on Amazon. These are mainly optical catchers, not necessarily comfortable or healthy but fun.



Here we have a criterion that is important but not easy to evaluate. Generally the cheaper the flip-flop, the less you can expect from it. I would say if you want a quality sandal that lasts for some years, is comfortable and lets you walk long distance without getting bad feet, you should spend something around $35.00 up.

Best price quality
Best price-quality  Teva Pajaro

The best price-performance ratio shows the Teva Pajaro. Not many colors, not fancy but best quality in material, foot care, traction, and durability. For only $32.00 up, it comes with a leather strap, real rubber sole for great traction and an arch supporting footbed. It is a very comfortable flip-flop and is on top of the list for durability.

Please feel free to check other offers here on the site. You have to wear the flip-flops, I can only recommend what is available. In today’s world with rising health costs and demands for fitness and liability, I would not go for cheap flat flip-flops anymore. It is now possible to get hold of a sandal you can use wherever you need it may that be in your free time or at work. Choose carefully, take some time, your feet are worth it.


The cheapest way to get flip-flops is???? DIY

See you and have a fantastic flip-flop-hit time 🙂


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13 thoughts on “The Best Flip-Flops Men, 5 Things To Check Before Buying

  1. Marlinda Reply

    Thanks for the guide! Idk what’s with the yellow highlighting but its a bit distracting. Anyways, now I know what to get my hubby because he needs a good, sturdy pair of flip-flops.

  2. Irma Reply

    Cool post! It would probably be prudent to just pony up and buy a whole bunch of flip flops so you have what you need for every occasion lol. I have tons of cheap ones, that I buy every spring, so that I have the color that I want on my feet. However, you do get what you pay for with these and some pairs last less than a week before I can feel every grain of sand or dirt on the street!
    I really like the look of the OluKai’s, which look super comfortable and sturdy, so I will be looking at the women’s version. I am glad to see that they are being made for comfort as well as support.

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi Irma, great to hear from you. It is no problem, buying flip-flops every spring. I would change the attitude towards them and buy flip-flops you can enjoy and appreciate more and definitely longer. Be aware, it is your feet you walk on every day and probably want to do so for many years to come. I had cheap flip-flops all the time as well but now, that I know about the impact on my feet and see a huge choice there is to improve quality, I go for better ones.
      I still don’t have any OluKais yet, they really look great, I guess I have to leave some space to improve later 🙂
      I wish you all the best Irma, a great 2018 and success in everything you do.
      See you, Stefan

  3. hong Reply

    I have never seen these flip flops. They look really comfortable. My husband loves flip flops, but usually the ones he’s had were pretty bad quality. All the flip flops I’ve worn were cheap quality and uncomfortable. I will definitely be looking into these. Thank you for putting this together. As always, keep up with the good work!

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hello Hong, nice to see you again. I reed you, until not long ago I too chose my flip-flops mainly by price and color. Now that I am into the topic every day, I want to try better ones. They might cost more in the beginning but if I can use them for a long time I have saved money in the end and have the privilege to walk comfortably every day.
      Have a great time, show the site to your husband 🙂 he might want to buy some of the better flip-flops too…. 🙂

  4. Keith Reply

    Man Stefan, I’ve paid a great deal of money on flip flops in the past. I’ve purchased some cheap ones that wore okay and some expensive ones that I gave away shortly after I bought them. Comfort, durability and style is always what I look for. I want something I can wear where ever I go… whether I’m just going for a walk or going to the mall. Nice to see a review of so many in one place…thanks!

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi Keith, thank’s for commenting. I would surely like to know which pair you had to give away quickly. Have you tried my number one yet, the Chaco Flip EcoTread? I would be surprised if these would not match your demands, except for the style maybe. I too like to have flip-flops I can use for every occasion. Sadly a good pair I bought just recently a dog almost ate up and now I will have to buy another pair. 🙂
      I hope you can find something that satisfies your needs here or somewhere else. Let me know about your experience, I always like to hear from real users.
      See you, have a good start to the 2018, Stefan

  5. Ronnie Reply

    I have worn flip flops but none like these. These look awesome and they look like they fit how you walk. I will most definitely have to check out the make of these. All the ones I had were flat soles. Thanks for the information.

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi Ronnie, it was the same with me, I wasn’t aware of the differences between flip-flops. Then, last year I had a really bad pair and when I looked at it I had the idea to start this website. Now that I am researching all kinds of information on this topic I cannot wear plain flat flip-flops anymore.
      I am glad to help you get more conscious about how you treat your feet.

  6. Carl Reply

    Hi there. Thanks for an informative read. I had no idea there was so much involved in flip flops. I remember as a kid wearing them and they usually broke really fast, so I guess they were the cheap kind. I use sandals too but after reading this I am thinking of investing in a pair. What flip flop would you recommend for a person new to flip flops? Getting blisters on the top of my feet does not sound fun. I thank u in advance for your reply.


    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi, Carl, thanks for stopping in. You say you haven’t used flip-flops for years but would like to try them again. I think if you start with a pair of Teva Pajero you will find a comfortable, strong and healthy flip-flop. The Pajero is not that expensive but counts for some of the best products available.
      As I said, good flip-flops have to break in some time and your feet will need to get used to wearing them so start slowly, at home and if necessary use a plaster before you have an open blister.
      I hope this is useful info for you.
      Have a great 2018, see you, Stefan 🙂

      • Carl Reply

        Hi Stefan. Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it. I will definitely look into a pair of those then. Thanks again.


        • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

          Hi Carl, I hope you will like them. Please let us know about your experience after wearing them for a while.
          Have a great time, see you, Stefan 🙂

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