The OluKai Flip-Flops – Men

The OluKai Ohana Flip-Flops


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  • Best For Comfort
  • Number One Arch Support
  • Most Durable
  • High All In All Quality


  • Colors
  • Price
  • Sizeing a bit difficoult

The OluKai Flip-Flops, An Exclusive Choice

OluKai ‘Ohana Sandal – Men’s are the most comfortable, if not to say the perfect flip-flops you can get. 

The upper sole is made of a soft fast drying synthetic giving great grip in and out of the water. They have been tested for climbing, boating and in the water and you never have to be afraid to lose them in any situation.

For a safe and healthy walking experience, the strong but adapting arch supporting footbed was designed looking at a footprint in the wet sand. No other flip-flop with a durability of many years comes out of the box as comfortable as the OluKai ‘Ohana Sandal.

Most comfortable flip-flop
Most comfortable flip-flop

Although a bit on the expensive side, you will save money when you decide to buy this sandal. For $65.00 you might buy three pairs of flip-flops instead of this one but those three won’t last as long as one pair of original OluKai ‘Ohana Sandal. Not comparable are attributes like arch support, comfort, and traction if you try a cheap flip-flop.

OluKai also provides a guarantee system that lets you get a new pair if you have one that doesn’t match the quality you pay for.

OluKai 'Ohana Flip-Flops
OluKai ‘Ohana Flip-Flops


Most carefully developed sole and footbed

The OluKai Flip-Flops come up with a comfortable and healthy footbed. It starts with well-developed straps, consisting of a soft nylon toe post that doesn’t irritate between your toes.

The inside of the upper straps are super soft, made by a synthetic fast drying noncorrosive material. The outside is made of water-resistant synthetic leather that looks good and withstands all stress from walking and climbing.

The upper sole is a layer of the same super soft synthetic nubuck leather like the inner straps. The fast drying jersey you walk on won’t be slippery either when dry or wet.

A strongly built arch supporting drop-in footbed made of an ICEVA quality plastic ensures a comfortable and pain-free long distance walking. The midsole, a compression molded EVA layer is an anatomical replication of the footbed.

Scientists and designers who developed the footbed of the OluKay flip-flops tried to find the right resistance and admission of the material they chose and looked at the footprints in wet sand to understand the moldings of the perfect footbed.

OluKai 'Ohana Sandal
OluKai ‘Ohana Sandal

12 years of experience and success

The OluKai ‘Ohana Sandal does come in a variety of colors but always in not shiny and rather dark shades. It is a flip-flop you can wear for any occasion as it looks decent and classic in design. 

It is now 12 years on the marked and at Amazon, it is the 29th best-sold article in the category men’s shoes. The all-over ranking at Amazon is 4.6 out of 5, below you can check some customers reviews.

Olukai customers reviews
Olukai customers reviews

PS. If you buy the OluKai ‘Ohana for the first time, please go to a shop first and try them for your self. Due to the well-built footbed, they might not match to every foot, as every foot is different. If you have the chance to try them first, do yourself the favor and be sure you will be totally satisfied.

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12 thoughts on “The OluKai Flip-Flops – Men

  1. Ramandeep Reply

    Amazing flip-flops, I wish they were for women too. I have not heard of a similiar one. Ill definitely show my husband these ones and point out these awesome features like the durability, support, comfort and high quality. thank you for sharing.

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi there and thanks for visiting.
      You got the right flip-flops here, they are really great.
      Don’t worry, if you want to find amazing OluKai’s for ladies you can find them on the same page as the Ohanas or just click here
      Have a great day and congrats to the husband for the caring wife 🙂

  2. Anthony Hu Reply

    Hi Stefan, very nice flip-flop. From the picture, it fit very well with the curve of the feet. Plan to buy one in the summer. Thanks for the advice that going to physical store and making sure that it is fit when buying it first time. I live in Harriman, NY10926, is there store near by?

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi Anthony, thanks for dropping by. Sorry, but I live in Thailand and for me to find a store somewhere in NY is a bit hard. The OluKay is quite famous and I think you should find them in a big Shoe market or ask some friends.
      I think the OluKai is a top flip-flop and sure worth looking for.
      See you and have a great time Stefan

  3. ariel Reply

    Hello Stefan! Who would have thought so much design can go into a flip flop! This is a great article. I also so appreciate how you suggest to try before buying. It is a bit pricey, but it certainly sounds well made..and good for both your feet and back. I will certainly remember these when I am ready for flip flops. Great job and thanks!

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi Ariel, thanks for looking in. Yes, I think these OluKai are some of the best flip-flops on the market indeed. I advise to check them on your own foot because they are a bit expensive and it would be a pity to buy such a great and pricey piece and then it doesn’t fit.
      I am happy to be able to help and if you have any questions feel free to ask.
      See you and have a wonderful day 🙂 Stefan

  4. Moni Reply

    Thank you for a great review.. I like to “live-in” flip-flops and don’t really like wearing shoes.
    Currently I am living in Turkey and sadly for me when I checked on Amazon to order they don’t deliver to Turkey. I guess I will have to wait until I make my next trip to London!

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi Moni, thanks for the visit. That is strange, they don’t deliver to Turkey, the deliver bombs and troops to Turkey but no flip-flops???
      I am sure you’ll find them in London.
      I live in flip-flops too and for me here in Thailand it is too expensive to order them from Europa or US, the transport would be more expensive than the sandals 🙂 See you, have a great time, Stefan

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi Kwacha, thanks for stopping by.
      Yes, the OluKai is definitely a very good product. Whether you can order them from your country I don’t know, You have to open Amazon, there it will say if they ship or not.
      All the best to you, Stefan

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