Top 10 Flip-Flop-Lies

Top 10 Flip-Flop-Lies Why You Should Never Ever underestimate your flip-flops

They are comfortable but don’t support your big shoe industry

Brown flip-flop-feet

Today I want to put a bit light on the real pros and cons of wearing flip-flops. I searched the internet and found 25 and 500 more posts about how bad flip-flops are for us. Strangely not one that says “do not wear high heels”.

The one, quite actual post, from the, hit me so hard, I had to write this counter post. It is written by  Elizabeth Narins in July this year,2017 and is titled, “10 reasons you should never ever wear flip-flops“. I will react to all 10 reasons an leave my opinion.

Already the second paragraph makes me think, what does she mean!!! I should reserve my flip-flops for the beach and so on and leave my feet out of them??? Ok, I buy some flip-flops and give them to the beach, lol, I hope he has fun with them.

Sorry but I have to make a bit fun of this article, it’s just too much

 1.  DANGER are illnesses you can catch walking with flip-flops

I don’t really know where she or her informant, who is a highly decorated podiatrist, walk around all day. Places, where human shit lays around or even walking through dog shit, is not what I normally do when I wear flip-flops. In public baths and showers, I usually have no shoes on at all and at the beach, I get in touch with sand with my hands, body, as well as bare feet.

The highly contagious Athletes foot infection, does, in fact, sound like it rather likes sports shoes and not an open always brushed feet in flip-flops. I have a wart, since last year and that one I got when I was in cold Switzerland wearing working boots.


2.  DANGER of being too slow

I don’t know who is faster, a lady in high heels, a farmer in rubber boots or my eight-year-old daughter in her flip-flops. To say sneakers are a riskless footwear is not really realistic, what do you think.

White flip-flop -feet
White flip-flop -feet


3.  DANGER of getting trampled down in a stampede

Obviously, stronger feet, shoes squeeze softer feet, shoes and win in a race of life and death. So we might all walk with military boots everywhere we go. Thank you for this objective information.


4.  DANGER of destroying my heels

Maybe when you write posts like this you have to run around all day and try to make noise with your heels so some people listen to you. Flip-flops are shoes for people that enjoy their lives. We walk relaxed and with grace in very comfortable shoes with shock absorbing soles. For every purpose, there is a shoe and when you want to walk long distance you put on walking shoes. But for real, nowadays, who is walking long distances on a daily basis?


5.  Danger of Blister (I think I like this one the most)

What can I say, with about every new shoe I get blisters but with flip-flops?

Healthy happy old feet
Healthy happy old feet


6.  Danger of permanent damage to your toes

I don’t know about you, have you ever seen feet of people wearing high heels all day? This is what I call damaged feet and toes. I live in Thailand and everyone from young to old wears flip-flops. No one has hammer toes, except the poor girls and women that work in Bangkok and have to wear western style business clothing and shoes.


7.  Danger of unhealthy posture

Shoes with biomechanical support

If you want to take care of your posture and think biomechanics is the issue, buy good flip-flops!


8.  Danger of shooting pains

I think every child with flat feet knows of this problem. They are used to getting the right shoes for them selfs. Who would think wearing flip-flops would be an exception? Most flip-flop brands have several arch support sandals. To say this problem has anything to do with flip-flops is just another lie.


9. Danger of bump at the big toe joint 

This phenomenon I truly know by my self. Sometimes when a strap or by bad luck all straps break, I have a really hard time keeping my flip-flops under my feet. But as the clever guy, as I am, I buy a new pair of nicely fitting flips and rub my toes a bit. Thanks for the warning.

Toxins in leather shoes


10.  Danger of getting poisoned

Now, this I find a bit of a defamatory statement. The shoe with the least possible contact with our body should be a great risk for skin poisoning. And how about other kinds of shoes, are they all made of natural components?

Really dear Miss or Mrs. Narins, such a bunch of crab I have not heard in a long time. If you don’t like flip-flops, for whatever reason, that is up to you. But for writing this, to an international audience, with for sure some more than just me, intelligent readers, you should get your ass kicked.

Free flip-flops for all
Free flip-flops for all

Here, now you see my friends, don’t let yourself get irritated. I do not really understand why this negative attitude against flip-flops exists but it actually does. Flip-flops can be a very good footwear for everyone. But buy a good pair or know what you can use them for. It is like with everything in life, use some common sense, as I already said on my introducing page.

See you all, have a great flip flop time, believe in your dreams.


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12 thoughts on “Top 10 Flip-Flop-Lies

  1. M.A.B Reply

    The right flip flop feels like heaven. They have to be just the right fit and weight. If they are comfortable enough you can wear them all day and build up your leg muscles. I especially like them at beach and in the shower. So yes, my vote is for wearing them 🙂

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Good morning, exactly my words. The right pair is something you can wear all day long. This is the reason I started this website, I had a really bad pair of flip-flops and then I thought to write about these actually genial sandals and research better models and brands. I think as long as you have a flip-flop, as you say, not too heavy and not too light, maybe with a footbed and material strap you are on the bright side of the walk.

  2. Jerry Huang | Smart Affiliate Success Reply

    Haha Stefan,
    This is a very interesting and amusing post from you. I’m also a flip-flop fan. You have valid and practical points.

    Whilst, her points are somewhat logical and reasonable BUT not practical in real life. More of them are “theory” kind of things that’s why from a real flip-flop wearer’s point is really funny.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi Jerry, I think so too. People who really wear flip-flops, and that are many worldwide know better. I still think it would be more important to write a warning post towards high heel shoe users than for flip-flop users.
      Thanks for leaving your comment
      have a good time and see you

  3. Don Reply

    Stefan, I laughed! Entertaining post as well as informative. I love flip-flops. I’ve worn flip-flops all my life (I’m male) and not once have I experience the issues addressed in your article – not a single one. Great post! Love your site!

    All the best to you,

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi Don, I think people wearing flip-flops have fewer problems with them than people just talking about them. Great to hear from you.
      Take care and have a great time.
      see you Stefan

      Ps. All the problems I mentioned were not from my article

  4. Vincent Reply

    Haha, I think that this post is funny and informative. While I do not agree with everything you say (I’m not a flip-flop person, I wear tennis shoes with supports in them everywhere I go), I definitely agree with some of your points. I also like how you based this website off of another website.

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi Vincent, I am glad you wrote your opinion. I know not everybody will understand all my points but really, it had to be said once. I do not wear flip-flops all the time, I work in construction and in Thailand when I work the land I wear working shoes too.
      Have a nice time and see you

  5. Norman Richards Reply

    Hello, and thanks for sharing, I never looked at it from this angle, this is pretty amazing. I am sure that your readers like my self will appreciate this post.

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi Norman yes, there is always more than one way to look at things. To give a good and fair opinion of something needs some research before writing. I use flip-flops every day since a very long time and have not encountered a single one of the problems mentioned by this lady and by many others as well. I hope this post will take a little bit of fear from people only reading about flip-flops.

  6. Andrei Reply

    Great post, Stean!

    I had a good laugh while reading it! I personally hate flip flops due to the fact that they always cut me between the two fingers. It would be lovely to see a similar post on crocs :D!

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Too bad Andrei, you don’t know what you are missing. The problem of cutting between the two toes is quite common. It definitely disappears after getting used to wearing flip-flops. I hear a lot of people saying I can’t wear flip-flops because of this same problem. What I suggest is, try a flip-flop with a textile strap, a bit a soft one, maybe check the Sanuk models.
      Anyway, Andrei, have a great time and I hope to see you again.
      Ps. The crocs are on my post list already.

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