What Is The Best Flip Flops

Chaco Men's Flip Ecotread


Price-Performance Ratio









  • Number 1 For Duration
  • Of The Best In Comfort
  • Best Arch Support
  • Great Traction


  • Not many colors
  • A bit expensive

What Is The Best Flip Flops? Chaco Men’s Flip EcoTread !!!

I am researching flip-flops for a while now and everywhere I look and read or listen I always come back to the Chaco EcoTread. A year ago I didn’t even know the Chako brand but today I would buy no other quality flip-flop but the Chaco.

Chaco Brand

Chacos The Super Star Amongst The Flip-Flops
Chacos The Super Star Amongst The Flip-Flops

Chaco Men’s Flip EcoTread The Most Durable

First I want to point out that Chacos EcoTrend will last you for many years. The Chaco EcoTrend is known for being the most durable flip-flop out there to buy today. They can withstand every weather and walking circumstances in and around water. They are good for climbing, boating, hiking and even for sitting on the sofa at home 🙂

Probably all of us had cheap flip-flops before, lost under soles, lost straps and had to walk home without shoes or fix them on the way, every two hundred meters. Flip-flops where dorns stitch from under or you almost fall down because of a sharp stone hurting your foot 🙁

I want to get rid of these situations. A good and sturdy, durable sole and a polyester webbing strap that doesn’t rip nor falls out of the footbed when I do a big step or even try to climb over some rocks on the beach. These Chacos can and will do the job.

They come for a healthy price but when you think that you can use them for 4 to 5 years or more, the investment of $63-65.00 doesn’t sound that expensive. With a Chaco, you have the walking quality of a good healthy shoe, inclusive footbed that would normally cost you a lot more.

Customers Review
Customers Review

Well, it only comes in two colors, at least today on Amazon, but for a men’s flip-flop, the black and iron coloration is a perfect fit.

Check this sportive and still, elegant beauty.

Chaco Men's Flip Ecotread
Chaco Men’s Flip EcoTread


Great Comfort And Healthy Walking

These flip-flops are recommended and certified by podiatrists.

As you can see right away, these flip-flops are not just a flat piece of rubber with two straps but a carefully developed masterpiece of arch supporting footbed, perforated upper sole and well gripping under sole.

The LUVSEAT™ PU midsole provides for an effective and efficient stride. By providing a biocentric arch contour the midsole prevents from overpronation when walking meaning you can walk better and won’t be hurting after long distances.

Customers Review
Customers Review

The most comfortable walking experience is also a result of the diamond patterned water resistant and non-slippery sheat of the upper sole. Once these EcoTreads are walked in, and they need to get walked in for a short while, they give you a pleasure walking even with handicaps as Planter’s Fasciitis.

The Chaco Men’s Flip EcoTread can be compared to a modern developed Birkenstock, good for your feet and legs up to the back and neck. You will be able to walk much longer distances with more ease than with a common flip-flop.

Okay, when it comes to looks and style these sandals might not be the hippest of all, sometimes I like to wear a more colorful and fancy looking flip-flop. But after all these Chacos are made for walking and not for the beach bar, where I can use my second pair, a cheaper model all colorful and funky.

customers Review
customers Review


Check out other great Chacos Products On eBay

Chaco, the brand for quality and a healthy body. Find your favorite Chaco’s here, for women, men and kids. Chaco comes with a huge assortment of shoes, sandals for every need and desire.


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8 thoughts on “What Is The Best Flip Flops

  1. RM Reply

    I have always used flip flops which is a flat piece of rubber with two straps. The arch support shown has got me thinking it is worth to consider changing to this pattern for healthier walks.

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi RM, I have changed to arch supporting flip-flops. It is no comparison. I walk much more comfortable now.
      I still have the easy ones for around the house or in the bath but when I go somewhere I always wear the better ones.
      I think it is worth the money, as they also last a lot longer.
      Have a nice holiday time and all the best in the new year.
      See you Stefan 🙂

  2. Marcus Reply

    As a guy from Brazil that lives in Hawaii I can tell you for sure I know about flip flops. And those I know personally. We call them the “go out” flip-flops or slippers. I like to wear them with my jeans. It’s stylish here. It just is. Highly recommended

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hey Marcus, nice to hear from you again. You are a lucky guy, living in Hawaii, I think. And coming from Brazil, Brazil was my favorite country for a long time. I love to wear flip-flops with jeans, it looks fantastic. I will have to make an FB campaign for Hawaii I think. Where bo many possible customers live?
      I wish you all the best and have a wonderful holiday.
      Stefan 🙂

  3. Nate Kidd Reply

    These are nice. I have never heard of Chaco Men’s Flip EcoTread. Just at first glance I can see the way they are shaped will lead to so much more support when I walk.

    The biggest problem I have with flip flops is how the webbing strap always breaks or comes apart. So I have gone through so many flip flops in my life.

    I did not even realize flip flops were made with such precision and durability. This is an awesome gift idea. Thanks for sharing.

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi Nate, thanks for the comment. You found the right flip-flop now. No more losing straps. Okay, after many years of heavy use even these EcoTread will break sometime. But I am sure for a long while you will be able to enjoy these sandals without problems.
      Nowadays there is much more effort and quality put into flip-flops, at least into the high-end ones. There are so many people wearing them it is necessary to provide good quality and healthy sandals as the demand is here.
      Have a great time and a nice holiday.

  4. Jasmere Reply

    Me being a person who loves the beach (and literally lives by one) lol its only natural that I would have an affinity towards flip flops. The flip flops you talked about funnily enough, are the kind I would go for honestly. I’m not really a fan of the ones that have 0 support, but those seriously do look comfortable. I’d say they’re definitely worth it with how quality they certainly look.

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi Jasmere, Thanks for dropping by.
      You’re a lucky guy, being able to live near the beach. I am glad you like my flip-flops. The Chaco EcoTread is really recommended by many users and sells very good, because of comfort and durability.
      Have a nice day Stefan 🙂

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