Who is the richest man in the world

To say who is the richest man in the world is as I understand it a point of view


These people are known to be the richest men in the world

But what do they represent?

They are the ten top money makers at the moment. They privately own more money than whole countries each and are able to do what?

What is rich, I ask myself a lot these days. I feel I am very rich at any moment of time. I have enough money, a family, a house, and a car:). My friends think I live a life as I like it. I think so too, at least most of the time. Still, every day I have to do some things I might rather not do.

If I was the richest man in the world, do you think that would be different? After all, we are all not more than human beings and what we like to do today might not be what we like to do tomorrow.

Rich enough

Do you think to be rich means to be able to fire up a cigar with a $100 bill? I don’t think so. For me to be rich means to have the freedom to do what I think is best for me and my family. For me the being rich starts there where I think that I am rich. I think I am rich. Try that one once, tell yourself loud and clear in full believe ” I AM RICH “.

Feels good, doesn’t it? You don’t need to have a lot of money to start feeling rich. Of course to have money is an aspect of being rich and if you say I am rich every day you will be and you will have money.

Did you know, most of these “top richest people ” must feel pretty poor, why else do they always need more money and things?

They say money gives you peace and security. I am not that sure about that. All these mega rich people, are they not living in fear? Don’t they need security guards, high fences around their house and lawyers and advisors that help them not loose all they work so hard for?

I will earn some money, in fact, I set a goal to make $5’000’000.-

What do I need this much money for? I would like to create a healthy natural habitat around me a healthy natural habitat that all naibours can take advantage of. I want the people in my village not to have to cut down the old trees in the forest and make charcoal for a living.  I want them to be able to practice permaculture, creating nature and not destroying.

From now on I am the richest man in the world

The first thing I am going to do is, I will buy a pair of flip-flops. The best Sanuk flip-flops there are. By doing that I do exactly the same what the richest man in the world can do. Buy I nice pair of flip-flops, put them on my feet and enjoy the comfort and freedom of walking in my favorite flip-flops.


I tell you, I am going to do this now. No man, even the richest of all can do that nicer and better than me or you.

It is only going to cost me about $40 but what I get for that money means so much to me and will make me the richest man in the world.


Sanuk Men's Fault Line Blades Flip-Flop

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I am a good guy, don’t be shy, you can do the same as me and feel wonderful too. I do not have any pleasure in you feeling less happy and rich than me.


There is enough money in the world for everyone to be rich

Did you know, the more we all think we are rich and because of that getting rich, there will always be enough money for all of us. This lays in the nature of things. Even a tree living in the poorest conditions does grow. It grows and grows and does not complain or give up and does not need anything from other trees. Sure, a tree living in a rich healthy environment grows probably bigger and faster.

But, we are not trees. Thanks to nature we are human beings and can manipulate the environment we want to grow in. We do not have to stay in the desert and try to make a living from growing salad. If we stay in the desert and do not want to move we can think of better ways to ensure our growth. We have our free will to believe in ourselves and change our attitude towards unchangeable facts.

We have our free will to believe in ourselves and change our attitude towards unchangeable facts. We can think positive and work with autosuggestion to learn to feel rich. What we think is what we get. Think you have no money, you will have no money. Think you are rich and have a lot of money, you will have a lot of money.

This is not a theory I thought up myself, this is a technique used by all rich people existing in the world.

I would like to invite you to watch this maybe life changing movie. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

Watch and tell me after what you felt and what you think of it now.


Another great gate opener to the “secret” knowledge is this great audiobook, written by Wallace Wattles in the beginning of the 20est century.  He explains the whole theory, that wants to help you and me succeed in life.


Ok, that took some time I guess. Do you get the message? Who the richest man in the world is, is up to you and me. We can feel rich and get rich or we can be jealous of others being rich and stay that way, jealous, not rich and not happy.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful life

I feel so good now that I could get this message over to you, I am going to buy a pair of flip-flops for my wife too.

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I am certain she will love these and we will have a peaceful and thankful time together.

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Was this of any help to you?

Me at home

If you have any questions or something else you would like me to know, please feel free and comment at the bottom of this page. Thank you!!!


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4 thoughts on “Who is the richest man in the world

  1. Andrei Reply

    Pretty interesting. I like your goal of getting $5 mil. in order to help your people. It is a pretty decent goal. Well, the goal to be able to light up your cigarette with a $100 bill is usually found amongst the people that didn’t had to work for that money. That were born in rich families. If you take a look at the Bill and Mark Z. they never dress fancy. They were casual $10-$20-$100 clothes. Because the goal is to be rich and not to appear rich. There are a lot of individuals that want to be rich in any society. People that spend hundreds and perhaps thousands of dollars on outfits. My personal goal is to be able to develop a successful worldwide online business that will generate at least $10 million per year.

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Hi, Andrei
      your goal is quite amazing too. you will make it if you believe in it and work hard. Life gives unexpected opportunities to what we have visions of. If you work on your website there will be a great success if you know it and believe it.
      I wish you all the best Andrei and hope to hear from you again.

  2. Norman Richards Reply

    Hello, and thanks for sharing. One of the things that I tell people sometimes is that money can not bring complete happiness or total security. Money only counts when it is used in the right way for the right purpose. Your post is really awesome.

    • Stefan Vogt Post authorReply

      Thanks, Norman, I appreciate your comment. It is really true, money has many faces. In good hands, it can work wonders but at the same time in the wrong hands, it can be catastrophic. Let’s try to think of all the good things we can do with it.
      Have a great time Norman
      see you Stefan

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